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      Date:  2018.9.6-9.8
      Venue: Expo Guadalajara
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Grade 80 Rigging Hardware

All the G80 rigging hardware is forged or welded by special alloy steel. It can be matched with G80 chains. It can be used in situations such as oil field hoisting, mine hoisting, port hoisting, forest logging hoisting etc.

The G80 rigging hardware is forged in our factory. It should pass several detections before shipment to ensure product quality:
1. The G80 rigging hardware 100% passes the magnetic powder inspection.
2. It should pass load testing at 2.5 times of working load limit.
3. We will carry out 20000 cycles of fatigue testing for samples of each batch.
4. It should pass breakage tension testing.
5. It meets the standard of European EN1677.
6. All the sheath and shaft should pass hardness testing.
7. Surface plastics spraying treatment: it adopts international RAL color card; it can also be customized according to clients' choice.